We’re here!

Just got checked in to our hotel in Hanoi.

Highlights so far–

The flight out was actually not bad at all. I did much better on the international flight because of the size and my sheer exhaustion. We did not board until 2am…which was 3am our time. By then, I just popped an ambien and slept for like 6 hours. the flight ended up being 15.5 hours long rather than 13 due to strong headwinds…which left us no time at all to see the hong kong airport. We had to rush to find the right terminal to get to hanoi.

Once in Hanoi, we could not find our coordinator that was picking us up. We panicked a bit, because all of these “taxi drivers” kept trying to get us to leave with him. one event tried to grab my adoptionn folder while I was looking for a phone number and I almost snapped. We got lucky again, because Ninh–the coordinator then showed up to take us to our hotel.

The ride to the hotel was hilarious! People flying by on mopeds loaded down with pigs, chickens, fruit, you name it. All you can hear is horns honking!

We have a nice 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a questionable neighborhood. J and I are both a bit punchy but totally psyched to be here in one piece with all of our luggage.

I’ll post some pictures once i locate the camera. We seem to be on our own until Ninh picks us up at 4:30am on monday for our flight to Danang to meet Morgan.

Just 2 days till we see the little guy!!!!
love to you all!



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6 responses to “We’re here!

  1. Kristi C.

    Whoo hooooo! So exciting! We haven’t stopped thinking of you and sending LOVE your way. Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

  2. Kristin

    I knew you’d have no trouble on your flight! Monday can not get here soon enough!

  3. Jess and Paul

    Glad you made it there safely!

  4. James and Melissa

    I am glad you had a good journey and made it safely. I can’t wait to see pictures of you holding Morgan!

  5. Emily

    so excited for you!!!!

  6. Kelli

    Glad you made it safely and got some rest- ambien is a great thing! Can’t wait to see Morgan with his mommy and daddy!!

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