Jeremy’s Post

Ok, a little shot of testosterone for the blog (other than Morgan’s manly picture). First off, I’m having trouble getting into my primary email account so if any of my (so called) friends are reading this (and I highly doubt it) please send a message to my yahoo account ( so that I’ll have your addresses and can keep in touch- please no spam.

Anyway, jen mentioned the ride from the airport to the hotel yesterday but she really didn’t do it justice (and i’m not sure words really can). there is nothing that i’ve experienced on this planet that could prepare me for the traffic in this city. it’s both hilarious and terrifying at the same moment. at one point we were stopped at a red light and i looked to my right to see roughly 20 motorbikes (no exageration) lined up 6 across at the crosswalk. it seriously looked like they were getting ready to start a motorcross race- including several women in skirts and high heels. our driver, Ninh, had his hand glued to the horn, but unlike when i drive, never once opened his mouth to curse. apparently he’s the silent type.

so, much to my relief, our tv gets a feed from ESPN and despite a big time tape delay i’ll be able to catch some of the NBA playoff games (something that i’ve been really depressed about missing). i’ve already staked out a spot in the bar downstairs for Morgan and i to occupy while eating our australian meat pies and downing our Carling draughts (just kidding mom, i’m sure he’ll be a Jim Beam man just like his dad). also, jen just discovered that the city has a (shout out to Peter and Melissa) Hash House Harriers club that meets at Finnegan’s Pub every saturday so i’m sure the little guy and i will be lacing up for that next week.

the only thing on this trip that really worries me (besides the traffic thing) is the cuisine. those who know me know that i’m not much of an adventurous eater. i like to think of myself as a somewhat worldly kind of person but when it comes to food i’m no Anthony Bourdain. my strong dislike of fish, eggs, and internal organs is somewhat problematic in this culture. at the same time there’s no way i can spend three weeks in this city without venturing out of our hotel’s american style restaurant. we’ll just have to play it by ear.

that’s it for now. Go Mets. Yankees suck (shout out to Doug).



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13 responses to “Jeremy’s Post

  1. Ali & JJ

    I have some delivery menus for you, from several places we have personally eaten, I can bring them down for you if you want..
    Ali, Jeremy and Xavier

  2. Ali & JJ

    I have some delivery menus for you, from several places we have personally eaten, I can bring them down for you if you want..
    Ali, Jeremy and Xavier

  3. Peter Brandrup

    Morgan, The EL Paso Hashers are waiting for you to join us!!!!

    Peter, Melissa and Pancho

  4. Jess and Paul

    Al Frescos is down the street from you guys…they have good “western food.” Bobby Chins is near the lake…I think you would like that also (my stomach doesn’t always let me eat what I would like and these places had a good selection of stuff). You can get yummy fresh french baked goods in the AM at the citimart in the ground floor of Somerset.

  5. Maggie

    how is it that in all of my 26 years of being your sister I didn’t know that you disliked eggs? please give Morgan a million kisses from his Aunt Maggie and tell him I love him and can’t wait to meet him!!!

  6. Emily

    you will do fine with the food. i am a vegetarian and was really worried. but there was tons of easy, non-scary food.
    make sure to go to the green tango!
    so good. oh and KOTO! it was the best.

  7. Doug

    Drink some Carlings, eat some organs, and sign up for the next motocross race for me. In fact, get a sweet little sidecar for Morgan. There must be a father son race coming up, right?

    When you are watching the NBA playoffs with your son, don’t forget to tell him the story about how you hit the game winning shot over the outstretched fingertips of Adonal Foyle in the Cutten parking lot.

  8. Kelly

    You guys are so funny! I can’t wait for you guys to have Morgan. So glad you are in Vietnam!!!!!!!!

  9. Melody

    I’m reading everyday and I can’t wait to see pictures of the “New and improved Eager Family!”

  10. the huynh's

    We’re glad you made it. Here is a Vietnamese home remedy for jet lag. Order up a cup of ca phe sua da (ice coffee), a lightly toasted loaf of french baguette, and side of sweetened condensed milk. You can either dip the baguette in the coffee or the condensed milk. If you’re not yelling “Good Morning Vietnam” after that, we don’t know what will. We don’t recommend starting Morgan on the coffee until he has passed his stress echo. Godspeed you three.
    Love, Phuong, Mary, Marshall, and Parker

  11. Tasha

    Oh My God.. the HHHs have infilterated your adoption blog.

    Been with the Samurai Hashers (Tokyo) since 1990.

    On on!

    p.s. hope today was wonderful with Morgan!!

  12. Bina

    Oh my Gosh! You are THERE! And yea, I always heard it was hot there, too. I can’t wait to see pictures of the three of you together!!!!!!

  13. S.

    Go to Quan an Ngam (or something like that)–easy walk from Somerset. There are totally things on the menu that you will like–it is delicious.

    Also–near cathedral, spanish tapas place, can’t remember name…also italian place (next to tapas place) great wood-fired pizza. Paris Deli. Pho 24. And of course the Metropole! Highlands coffee has really good sandwiches. also the press club deli across from metropole. Hoa Sua.

    Thinking of you!

    Good luck!

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