Dads Corner

so i changed my first poopie (i can’t believe i just used that word) diaper today. el stinko. the big guy was fairly cooperative for it, thank god. we spent the morning on the couch watching Chelsea take on Liverpool in the UEFA Cup semis (soccer for you non-sports types). we’re really looking forward to the final game in a couple of weeks.

when i asked morgan if he wants to be a professional soccer player when he grows up he informed me that his dream is to become the youngest ever champion of the World Series of Poker. i had tears in my eyes. we’ll start him out in smaller satelite tournaments until he’s old enough to sit at the poker table without a booster seat. then it’s on to the big time so daddy can retire early.

right now we’re heading down to the bar to play pool and then darts. that’s it for now.



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2 responses to “Dads Corner

  1. Kelli

    Glad Morgan is getting some good, quality male-bonding time! Sounds like all is well!

  2. Doug


    Ask your Daddy how he used to team up with me and play some classic foosball in the East Hall lounge. We were unstoppable.

    When you come to Hamilton to visit, the four Eager/Chiarello boys will go to the Turning Stone, drink some apple juice, play some roulette (Black 13 of course) and then hit the Hour Glass for some darts, pool, and slices.

    Can’t wait.

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