Cranky Pants

Our little dude had a hard day yesterday…drooling like crazy and very cranky. Looks like the one tooth on the bottom may have a companion very soon. When he was awake–he was fussy. He napped almost the entire day and slept much better last night, only waking us once at 3am for a bottle.
We stayed in the room all day with the exception of a brief visit to the playroom.
Last night, we enjoyed a play date with Max and 2 for 1 pizzas delivered from Jaspas. Very nice! Max’s Aunt made up a delicious cheese plate and we had a little cabernet to go with it. I think J and I were a bit starved for grown up conversation so we soaked it all in.
Morgan is having his morning nap right now…I really hope that we will get to visit the lake today. We are shooting for lunch and a stroll if the little man’s mood holds out.
The good news–his hair is starting to slowly grow back. I had hoped the orphanage would not shave his head before the giving and receiving…but they did. I almost didn’t recognize him at first sight after all of the cute Woody Woodpecker hair photos that we got at 6months. His head had several little cuts from the razor that itch…he scratches all the time…but likes it when you brush his hair.
He’s eating like a champ–cereal, banana, mango, and a jar of pears that wreaked havoc on his digestive system! He looks much more hydrated and has good wet diapers now. His first day with us I was terrified because he hardly went at all.
He babbles non-stop, mostly Ba! Da! and something that sounds like AYYYY or AYAAAA! His voice is funny…going from a growl at times to a cute baby coo. He seems to have lots of built in “machismo” he moves with a little swagger and sounds so tough when he’s talking. It’s so funny!
Morgan is letting daddy hold him and play with him more–but still whines if I make eye contact when it happens. I have to work on ignoring him so that they can bond. It’s tough…but Jeremy is trying so hard and it really seems to be paying off.


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6 responses to “Cranky Pants

  1. Kristin

    Oh, I’m sorry Mister Cranky Pants is not feeling well. I hope he feels better soon! šŸ™‚

  2. Bina

    Why in the world did they shave his head?

    That poor guy. I know how my oldest son was when he teethed. It was awful. Thankfully, the rest of the kids weren’t near that bad. But the oldest? He would get a fever. Throw up. Have runny diapers, would just lay there and not eat. Once the tooth was through it was like a magic pill made him all better. Man I felt bad for that kid.

  3. Jess and Paul

    Teething is tough…our doc says Phoebe has 6 coming in right now…can you imagine? Have you tried giving him a baby biscuit? They have them at the Intermex grocery store which is on the west side of the lake…also a cheaper place to get diapers etc. Or you could always try letting him chew on a wet washcloth. Hang in there!

  4. Anonymous

    Jennifer – I think I see him growing with every picture. He is reallyy adorable. I am so happy for you all. Oh, and btw – we need new pics EVERY day! I really enjoy your posts and love his pictures. Jacque Davidson

  5. Tasha

    Oh.. Mr. Cranky Pants is just too cute for words!!

  6. Ali & JJ

    congrats, you all look great! We are so happy for you and we know you are loving every minute of it! Ali, Jeremy and Xavier

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