Looking Good

Our little man made a friend today during breakfast.

The waitress serving our table took a special interest in him. She asked “how old–5 months, six months?” We told her “9 months” and she thought he was too small.

She then went through a series of questions about his diet and made sure that he was eating his banana at breakfast. It was so very cute watching him smile when she would touch his cheek and make little clicking noises at him.

The waitress told us that she would be leaving for the US in September and that she had a full scholarship for school. She was so sweet!

Morgan slept very well last night–exhausted from a visit to Hoa Kim lake. It was blazing hot and humid. We had lunch at Bobby Chins–I actually had a middle eastern mezze platter and Jeremy enjoyed their amazing Clay Pot Mac and Cheese–Kristin, you have to try it! SOOO GOOD.

I will post pics from the lake a bit later. We visited the Jade Temple, which was beautiful, and Jeremy bought a Jade bracelet for me. I got very excited! Jewelry! Then I found out that in US dollars it was $1.25. Way to score points, daddy!!



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7 responses to “Looking Good

  1. jjm

    Seriously, could he be any cuter? Glad to hear that he is making friends with the ladies. I’m sure his Dad is proud.

  2. Jess and Paul

    Yes, Bobby chins is delish!

  3. Kristin

    You had me at Mac.

    Sounds like you guys are having fun and enjoying your time as a little family of three!

  4. Ryan and Heather

    We must have ordered the wrong thing at bobby chins because none of us were very impessed with the food at all. We much prefered Pho 24!
    Glad you guys are doing well!

  5. Joel

    Love the blog. Love the pics. Keep them coming. Good luck with all the paperwork.

  6. Emily

    bobby chin’s is so good! hope yall are having fun!
    your little man is precious!

  7. dk

    He is so cute! Gald you like Bobby Chin’s. Take care and enjoy your son.

    Xavier’s Nonnie

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