Halong Bay and tales from the poop deck!

J and I packed up the kiddo and took an overnight cruise on Halong Bay. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience….I’ve never seen anything like it. We toured “Surprising Cave” and went kayaking in the bay. Don’t worry Grandmas–Morgan stayed aboard with a friend during the kayaking trip…although I am sure that he would have loved it.
Our cabin was a bit primative–no power in the room until after sunset and the beds were hard as rocks. Morgan hardly slept…cried most of the night. We were in two twin beds smooshed together to make a full bed and his little arms and legs kept slipping into the cracks.
In addition, the food was a bit authentic for Jeremy. We enjoyed dried cuttle fish, baked whole fish, prawns with eyes and legs still attached, and some squid. There was also plenty of tofu and egg dishes 🙂 J was a trooper–did not complain until his piece of fried pork had a bug in the batter! Poor guy…even the veggies were the one thing that he would not eat. Steamed spinach.
Even with my cast iron stomach…I was looking forward to a burger when we got home. I will say that the spinach was delicious!!
I will say that although it was often uncomfortable to make the trip with a new baby…the scenery was totally worth it!!
The van ride home was a bit of a test. Max–our other little travel companion was a bit cranky and Morgan was constipated and cranky. Lots of screaming and crying!
We’re still trying to work this whole poop issue out…pardon the pun. We had to use a q-tip to disimpact the poor guy last night…horrifying. If you are squeamish you may not want to read this!
There were 4 dirty diapers last night–hard as rocks and oversized. The kid would sweat and cry…so sad. This morning, we’ve had 4 and it is just now 10am. Fortunately, the gates are now open and I think we are catching up on a week’s worth of missed poop. We have added a few extra cc’s of water to his formula and are mixing prunes in his cereal to make life easier. EEESH!


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7 responses to “Halong Bay and tales from the poop deck!

  1. Cheryl P

    Wow! Q-tips.. never thought of that one! I’m glad he is feeling better though.. nothing like constipation… Your pics are beautiful. I can’t believe the scenery. Claire is doing well, she must know I’m writing to you as she just ran over here when she heard me typing.

    Hurry Home!


  2. Kelly

    Glad he is finally going to the bathroom. I hope it works itself out soon. I am sure the extra water and prunes will help! Glad you made it to Halong Bay

  3. Jess and Paul

    Lord have mercy…you wouldn’t think POOP was so important…until you are a parent. Glad you enjoyed Halong Bay. We had a great time also.

  4. Doug

    Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time pooping, Jeremy. I’ll make sure that our house is stocked with Q-tips when you come and visit in a few weeks……oh…..you are talking about Morgan!

    Silly me.

    Sounds like a nice overnight trip.

  5. James and Melissa

    Poor guy! I am glad his problem has subsided!!

  6. abc123vn

    Ok so the poo stories are too funny, but I am trying not to laugh too hard as I am sure I will then get my turn 🙂 Morgan gets more adorable in every picture 🙂

  7. ourvalentinesdaytreat

    Oh no…it came down to the Qtip! I hope things are better now. As you know, we’ve had enough poop incidents to make me immune to reading about them. I’m so glad and slightly jealous that you went to Ha Long Bay. We weren’t in Hanoi long enough to go and that’s one of my biggest disappointments from our trip. Enjoy the rest of your time!!!

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