Thank you, Thank you!

I really appreciate all of the great suggestions on sleep and eating. Morgan has his early childhood intervention evaluation this morning to check his oral development. He weighed 15.75 lbs yesterday–almost back to VN weight but still a concern.

I pureed fresh sweet potato and chicken yesterday for his lunch and he loved it. He also ate baby cereal and avocado for breakfast. I am pushing the avocado for fat and calories and for his very dry skin.

My mom is here and has been a huge help. I got a nap yesterday while they played and he did great!! I also got some grocery shopping done so that I can start making all of Morgan’s food.

My friend Michelle had a great tip for using frozen fruit such as mango in purees. It is 100% fruit and very convenient. I used buy a lot of it for lunches and it just slipped my mind how handy it would be for Morgan. He adores mango.

I will keep you updated on the sleeping.
Sue Ann–email me your phone number! I would love to see you and do a playdate with Andrew!!



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4 responses to “Thank you, Thank you!

  1. Anonymous

    Just sent you an email. Congrats! SOOO cute:) Heather Cupp

  2. abc123vn

    He is adorable and it sounds like he is doing so well even if you are a little concerned!

  3. Jess and Paul

    Glad to hear things are going better! Phoebe was a big fan of yams and avacado as well. What about carrots…those are sweet tasting…

  4. Kristin

    Hey girl! I’m so glad you got a little break in with your mom!

    I got your message the other night, and I am SO sorry I haven’t gotten back to you…I thought I’d call you back around 8:30PM since M might be down by then, but I’ve worked every night since. Ughhh… Thank you so much for the sweet message though. It meant so much!

    I’ll try to give you a ring tomorrow!

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