Daytime naps and Daddy’s home!

I tried several of the nap time options that everyone suggested and the one that works the best for us is the pallet on the floor. Because Morgan is almost 11months old, the sling doesn’t work for us. He is too excited about all of the things he can reach in that position and doing the dishes or other household chores becomes a hilarious test of his reach versus mine!

Yesterday, Morgan cut another tooth–so he was cranky and napped a lot. He slept for an hour and half in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. It worked out great for us, because Jeremy’s flight was delayed coming home from his class reunion and Morgan was still awake to greet him and to play a bit before his daddy gave him a bath and rocked him to sleep.

This morning, Morgan was so sad that Jeremy had to go to work. He kept reaching for him and calling out. I know it made Jeremy feel good to know that he had been missed and that Morgan had not forgotten about him in 4 days!


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6 responses to “Daytime naps and Daddy’s home!

  1. Kristi C.

    Sweet picture! It was great to see you, Jeremy, and we can’t wait to visit with the whole family some time soon!

  2. Alix

    Adorable picture of Morgan!

  3. Kelli

    Good to hear that Morgan is napping more- and what a cute napper he is!

  4. abc123vn

    Awww! What a great picture! Glad to hear that at least some of the sleep issues are better!

  5. Nicki

    Yay – glad he is getting some sleep and YOU are getting a break!! I’m telling you the floor pallet thing is awesomeness. You can do it ANYWHERE and travel anywhere and never worry about beds. Its like freedom! Can you tell we just got back from traveling?! ha.

    That back to work thing is so rough and so sweet. Addison still does it on occasion.

  6. Bina

    What a little cutie! And ya know, my kids would have NEVER slept on the floor. They were all hyper. The only way I could get them to nap was hold them, or put them in their crib.

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