Dad’s Corner

June 10th, 2008- a date which will live in infamy. I am in mourning. This morning my wife decided to throw out my beloved Addidas shower shoes/flip flops. Mind you, these shoes have been with me from medical school through residency and now to attending. From DC to Baghdad to Hanoi and home again. And why did she decide to do this now? Because they smelled? Negative. Because they were ugly? As if that were possible. No, because my son decided to tear them apart and put a piece of one of them completely into his mouth. I’m saving that piece (a round Addidas disk that sat under my heel) for when he gets older and can fully appreciate what has happened on this cold black day.

In happier news, Morgan has discovered Youtube (or I should say Youtube has discovered Morgan) and has become an overnight sensation not witnessed since Obama Girl burst onto the scene last year. The video of him rocking out to our favorite Irish drinking song (seen below) has gone viral, watched by at least 5 people that I sent it to.

We will be observing a minute of silence at 5pm Mountain Time in honor of my shoes. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the Jeremy M. Eager Fund For Purchasing New Shower Shoes.



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4 responses to “Dad’s Corner

  1. Maggie

    they needed to go…I would have done it myself but since I am your sister you could beat me up…way to go Jen!!

  2. Doug C

    Oh shower shoes….I hardly knew you. But I feel as though we were so close. Anything that could spend years on numerous continents in such close contact to Major E’s stinky puppies really demonstrates a special character and tenacity that only comes out of an Addidas factory once in a blue moon. You’re my boy, Blue. All the shoes are is dust in the wind.

    Maybe Morgan was using the potent stench of those shoes as a little local anasthesia for the numbing of his little tongue doodad. That kid is a smart cookie because I’m sure putting those things in your mouth would automatically knock you out.

    We’ll be thinking of you Morgan during your two snips. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Bina

    I hope you gave them a proper farewell.

    I just watchted that video. Not sure how I missed it before but I LOVE it! It’s hilarious!

  4. lee

    my condolences.
    so sorry shower shoes.

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