Sweet Boy

Isn’t he the cutest in his little gator towel? Morgan loves bath time and his Boon Bath Toys that stow neatly away in this little Frog Pod that attaches to the wall in the shower. His new thing is squealing with excitement while the water runs and throwing his toys in before he goes in for a bath. It’s funny! I know that taking a bath won’t be high on his priorities when he’s a stinky 8 year old…but right now it’s big fun.

Our little guy had his pre-op today for his surgery this Friday. He’s having a phrenuloplasty–where they trim the skin under his tongue–his is abnormally long and might impair his speech and/or eating. He’s also being circumsized–OUCH.

I’m very nervous. It brings me to tears to think about my little one in pain, even though my hubby has handpicked his medical team and they will do everything in their power to keep him comfy.

Send some happy thoughts our way this week.



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12 responses to “Sweet Boy

  1. Amanda

    Oooh, even though they’re probably small procedures, they both sound yucky. I’ll definitely be thinking of Morgan and hope he feels better soon!

  2. abc123vn

    Happy thoughts for the whole family coming your way!

  3. Chu Phuong

    Frenectomy, frenulectomy, or frenuloplasty should be a bloodless and painless procedure. The thin translucent band of tissue under the tongue is void of any neurovascular structure, so it should be no more than a 30 second procedure. The circumcision on the other hand…
    As a concern parent, I know how unsettling it must feel. Good luck to the little guy.

  4. Kristin

    Sending happy thoughts…and wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Thanks for the text about the bibs! We don’t have travel plans yet, but we were told we’d definitely be back before July 4th – fingers crossed!

  5. James and Melissa

    I am sending positive thoughts your way.

  6. Jenn

    Hi Jen — sorry i’ve been absent for a while. best wishes to morgan on his upcoming surgeries. He’ll be healed in no time at all. Hope all else is well with you and the family!!

  7. Bina

    Poor baby. But they do so much better than adults do. My son was circumsized at 12 months because he had hypospadia. They had to use that extra skin to repair the hole on the side of his penis, or something like that. But he did so very well, a LOT better than I did! We went home the same day, as soon as he peed.

    Here’s praying things go great! And man oh man, he is just such a cutie!!!

  8. laurie

    Oooo, good luck little man! My sister had phrenuloplasty – simple enough, but is still no fun!

  9. Carl and Stephanie

    It’s always harder on mom and dad. My son was circumsised at 1 year old and he was just fine. I was the wreck. I cried much more than he did.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Morgan.

  10. ourvalentinesdaytreat

    Ahhh, poor Morgan! I hope his surgery goes well. I know it will. Like everyone else said, you’ll probably be more upset. BTW, I love our Frog Pod, too! Let us know how the surgeries go.

  11. lee

    we will be sending positive vibes to the little man!

    zoe had surgery (bi lateral inguinal hernials) not long after we came home. it is amazing how resilient babies/kids are. i am pretty sure it was harder on us!


  12. Teresa & Norm

    I will be curious for the outcome of the circumcision. We will have to have our son’s done too when we bring him home. Could you please email me at tnajl@tds.net so we can exchange your experience and my aprehensions together!!! We’ll be thinking of all of you!!!!!

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