Ahhh…the shoes.

Daddy’s Shoes were so much fun to chew on! Too bad my mommy is so mean that she won’t let me eat the delicious Adidas logo that is roughly the size of a quarter and fits perfectly in my mouth!


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9 responses to “Ahhh…the shoes.

  1. Emily

    aww..poor daddy! he might need a new pair for fathers day:)

  2. Kelli

    awww…poor Morgan….poor daddy…poor mommy- having to play the bad guy. Wait, you are the triumphant one- choking hazards be gone!

  3. James and Melissa

    Poor Morgan and poor Mommy! I have never thought of shoes being chew toys but now I know to watch out for that!

  4. Doug C

    That’s the same face that Morgan’s Daddy made when I took away his bag of honey mustard pretzels at Reunion.

    Like father like son.

    Nah….I take that back.

    Morgan is much cuter.

  5. Laura

    How could you, Mom??? What’s wrong with choking on a quarter-sized piece of Addidas-stamped rubber? You’re really going to have to lighten up a little. 🙂

  6. Nicki

    Awww that face!!!!!!!!

  7. Bina

    Oh, poor baby! Mommies are just so mean!!!!

    Maybe they should make toy shoes that babies CAN chew on???? Hmmm, could be a money maker!

  8. Kristin

    He’s so deprived! Poor guy… 🙂

  9. Alix

    I can’t believe you won’t let him eat the shoes!! Cruel, very cruel. 🙂

    Morgan is so darned cute, I can’t stand it. 🙂

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