Random photos

This is the guilty look on Morgan’s face when he feeds his crackers to Claire. Note the 100% wet t-shirt from constant teething!

I finally got Morgan’s quilt up on the wall in the nursery. I spent months looking for hooks, debating on a quilt rod, and buying several pretty tacks…in the end I nailed the sucker up and moved on 🙂 We still need a toybox/window seat back there where you see my former bathroom cabinet.

I put up Morgan’s shelves and an embroidered scene of Ha Long Bay that we got during our trip. The lovely silver piggy bank was a gift and the little monkey was rescued from Claire by living up high!
Today, Morgan had a playdate with his new friend Andrew. He had a blast! The house looked like a toy explosion and the boys were going wild….just sort of separately as they don’t seem to play together at this age. After Andrew left, Morgan chirped away like he was reliving the action and then promptly fell asleep for nearly 2 hours. Hooray playdates!!


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4 responses to “Random photos

  1. Kristin

    Two hour nap? Were you in heaven or what?!?!? Obviously, he is feeling much better after his surgery. I’m so happy to hear it!

    The nursery is looking super-cute!

  2. Laura

    Seriously – two hour naps already?! You’re doing something right! Claire is sooo going to make out from now on. The main reason Gidget tolerates all of the loving “abuse” (fingers in her nose, pulling her tongue out, laying on her) is for the food! Morgan is precious.

  3. The Gregs

    I love the “guilty” look. 🙂 So cute.

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