Our kiddos

For Bina–who asked about our sweet girl Claire.

Claire and Morgan have bonded over the past few weeks…he is still a bit rough with her at times, but she never complains and she watches over him like the good big sister she is…even when he gets on her last nerve!

We are still in San Antonio–I will try to post some photos Sunday or Monday of our trip. We are having a great time with the three couples that we met up with for the weekend and we also got to visit our friends Joel and Kelly that were married in March. Morgan has been the star of the show! He finally got kisses from his aunt Haley who met us for dinner one night and he is loving everyone’s attention.


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3 responses to “Our kiddos

  1. Kelli

    Aww, they will have such a great friendship! That picture is so cute. I think it is easier for dogs to adapt to little ones…I am pretty sure my cat won’t be as accepting!

  2. The Gregs

    I love the picture!

  3. Mr Lady

    OMG, that’s such a cute picture! He’s looking big and handsome. Yum!

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