San Antonio Trip

With Mommy at the McNay Museum

My favorite…even with the super serious expression.

Getting ready to go out for Mexican food with Uncle Joel. I swear he smiles…I swear!
We had a wonderful week in San Antonio–with more photos to follow–I promise 🙂
Some new skills that Morgan picked up this week: pointing his finger at EVERYTHING. He is also waving at every person we see. Apparently, everyone is a friend he just hasn’t been introduced to!
Morgan was a joy on the trip. He never cried–even when out past his bed time–and he behaved like an angel in restaurants and on family outings. None of our friends could believe how well behaved he was. We were with a group of 6 kids (age 6 months to 10years old) and 6 adults and you would think the stimulation would be totally overwhelming, but our little one was a champ!
The only thing that was a bit difficult for him was sleeping in the pack-n-play at the hotel. He wasn’t entirely comfy with that one and he spent lots of time in our bed. I didn’t mind, though. I had forgotten how snuggly and cute he could be when he sleeps with us. We would typically put him in with us early in the morning for a bottle and he would sleep for an hour or so after that.
Today, he has been totally tired out. Gotta run to finish bedtime routine and prepare for our first day of daycare tomorrow. I will load more pictures and write about the stroller as soon as I get a chance….This girlie is going back to the office tomorrow 🙂


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3 responses to “San Antonio Trip

  1. Laura

    Mattix pulls the serious face for photos all the time! I swear, Morgan gets cuter by the day. I’m so glad your trip went well. Good luck on your first day back to work!!!

  2. Bina

    I LOVE kids that wave at everyone and aren’t afraid of new people. My youngest is like that. She will talk to anyone about anything, like she has always known them. I bet Morgan will be the same way!

  3. Jo

    My Cami will not smile for pictures normally…..

    Morgan looks like he is filling out nicely.

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