Fireworks and Ear infections

The best? shot out of about 20 of Morgan in his adorable outfit from his great grandparents!
Posing for a shot with Aunt Maggie
Sorry for the week without posts–Morgan has had an ear infection and I hosted a workshop for 500 people at work this week. whew.
Today, I met with our pool guy to discuss installing a “Catch a Kid” system to protect Morgan from drowning. They install a high tension netting system over the pool that is super strong and keeps the little guy out of the water if he falls in while playing in the yard. It will also protect Claire while she is chasing birds and not paying attention to how close she is to the water 🙂
Morgan’s first birthday is tomorrow. I am baking the cake today while he is at daycare. Keep me in your prayers because I do not bake and I’ve never decorated!!

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  1. abc123vn

    He is so cute! I hope the pool thing goes well!

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