Welcome Home to Amanda’s daughter Poppy!!!

As many of you know, the changes in VN adoption have made these beautiful homecomings fewer and farther in between. Amanda’s daughter hails from Korea–the family switched agencies when it seemed they would not get a referral in time before adoptions between the US and VN ended. Fortunately, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!
Life was fairly quiet at home this weekend. Morgan wasn’t feeling well. He had a nose full of boogies and was a cranky little guy. We ended up spending the weekend at home.
I’ve been reading a lot about tantrums today and had to add our story.
Morgan has become very dramatic when he doesn’t get his way. His favorite move is to smack his head on the tile floor in the kitchen and wail when he doesn’t get to throw dog food or play with glass pot lids while Jeremy and I are making dinner. I’m sure it hurts…but it’s a bit funny to watch the theatrics. He is also a master of the “noodle pose” where he goes limp and becomes impossible to carry away from whatever object he shouldn’t be touching.
Lucky for us he’s cute….because I think the toddler stage will be exasperating at best.


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2 responses to “YAY!

  1. abc123vn

    Oh no!!! Looks like you have landed in toddler world!

  2. Kristi C.

    We know all about that head-banging move … one of Tinsae’s favorites. Definitely welcome to toddler world!

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