Lila the Glo Worm

Here is my sweet boy with his favorite new friend: Lila the Glo Worm. Lila sings lullabies and Morgan wants her by his side at all times. I took this shot on my phone at the hotel last week.
Doesn’t he look content?


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6 responses to “Lila the Glo Worm

  1. Kelli

    That is such a sweet picture!

  2. Anonymous

    I love that picture. I am so glad he likes Lila, she may replace the blanket. 🙂 Nana

  3. Alyssa

    So sweet. Morgan looks totally content with Lila 🙂

  4. dk

    what a sweet boy. Xavier’s Nonnie

  5. Laura

    Sooo sweet! Morgan and Matty have the same love interest! 🙂 BTW, I can’t get to the post I have in my reader about your hair, which was cracking me up!!! (That’s how far behind I am!) Did it disappear?

  6. Rachel

    Woodrow has the same gloworm. He loves it too.

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