My little trouble-maker!

Making sure that no one has eyes for his blankie!

Here he goes….morning hair in all it’s glory…trusty blankie in hand…ready to empty all of the cabinets and toss the loot into the tub.



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3 responses to “My little trouble-maker!

  1. Peter Brandrup

    Hi Morgans Parents! Was just stopping by the blog to catch up with you two and say hello. You guys are doing a great job on the blog and I love the photos of the little M man. Claire’s photo is hot and please tell her I said so! Life here continues to be slow and that is a good thing. Couple of big blasts today but no real casualties. I am trying to keep to my gym schedule but I am just getting over a bout of “Saddam’s Revenge.” Did I really need to share that with you? Oh well. Take care and be in touch.

    P.S. I had to change my blog address. My new one is

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