More photos

Morgan and Daddy all dressed up
Morgan with his new hero, Uncle Matt

Getting an early morning squeeze from Aunt Maggie

We had such a great time at Inga and Chipper’s wedding!
The night before, we had a big family dinner at an Italian restaurant and Morgan got to meet his grandparents and extended family for the first time. He was loving the attention!
The morning of the wedding, we were surprised by a knock on the door and the arrival of Morgan’s cousin Sullivan and all of Jeremy’s siblings. It was so much fun to catch up while watching the kids play in their pj’s. Sullivan is such a cutie pie–so sweet and patient compared to Morgan’s energetic personality.
I am glad we were able to spend an entire week with the family. I really want Morgan to know everyone and for them to love him as much as we do!


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2 responses to “More photos

  1. Kelli

    Such a dapper little Morgan!

  2. abc123vn

    Looks like everyone has had a great time!

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