Real Men Eat Chickpeas

Actually not a photo of the little guy eating his chick peas last night–but look how cute he is learning to use his spoon!

Last night, I made “Mediterranean Chickpeas”. I had been reading “Sarah’s Blog” which include lots of amazing recipes for her family and have had chickpeas on the brain. As Jeremy is not fond of beans other than the black beans and rice that we have agreed on as a vegetarian dish that the whole family enjoys–I waited until he was on call to try this latest masterpiece.

Mediterranean Chickpeas

(Serves 1 adult and 1 baby–best to double or triple if you are feeding more as an entree)

2 cloves garlic–minced

1 can chickpeas drained and rinsed

2 chopped medium vine- ripened tomatoes

2 cups fresh spinach (definitely use more if you love spinach!)

1/4c fresh basil

balsamic vinegar to taste

coarse salt

Heat Skillet to Medium High:

Sautee garlic in olive oil–add chick peas and cook through.

Add tomato, cook for 5 minutes until most liquid evaporates

Add spinach and cook until wilted (about 2-3 minutes)

Add basil, balsamic vinegar and coarse salt

**I added parmesan cheese to finish off the dish and it was delicious!

It has been a goal of mine to increase the number of vegetarian dishes that our family eats. However, it is also a challenge with a husband that eschews beans and tofu and most leafy greens. From time to time I will be posting some of the success stories. I want Morgan to have exposure to a wide variety of nutritious foods as he grows. As a dietitian, I know that it’s best to start early and it makes a difference when you eat with your child.



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6 responses to “Real Men Eat Chickpeas

  1. Sandra Martinez

    Thanks for the recipe! I am going to pass it on to my aunt…she has a 4 year old that only wants junk food and acts like he is allergic to anything nutritious! She has been trying to find easy recipes to make that are also nutritious.

    Please continue to post recipes!

  2. Sarah Beam

    Amen to it being a challenge feeding vegetarian dishes to carnivorous men. ‘Tis the cross to bear that I take up daily.

  3. jjm

    Mmmmm! I LOVE chickpeas!

  4. Michelle Lynchard

    Morgan is so cute. I loved the pics from your vacation too. Thank you for the recipe and the link to that other great blog. Keep the tips coming 🙂

  5. Jess and Paul

    Oooh, I can’t wait to try this…sounds really yummy and Phoebe is a legume/bean freak! Hey, what brand of suction bowl is Morgan using? I need to get some, but I want to make sure it actually stays put. Thanks!

  6. Kelli

    The recipe sounds yummy and Morgan looks so cute with the spoon!

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