Halloween Carnival

Nervous about going in….

It’s easier to have a good time when there are cookies!!
Last weekend we went to the Halloween Carnival at Morgan’s daycare. It was a great way to debut the costume!
The little guy actually hated his cape and threw himself flat on the asphalt in the parking lot as soon as we arrived. Glad we didn’t push our luck with a hood or a mask…because he was NOT having it. Jeremy and I tried not to laugh at our tiny little Vampire pitching a royal fit in the street 2 weeks before Halloween. Um…we probably looked WEIRD.
He warmed up after a cookie and a few games of tossing little bean bags into a jacko’lantern’s mouth. I cracked up after a 5 year old accused him of CHEATING–there was a line that you had to stand behind when you threw the bean bags! We tried to explain that one year olds get to stand closer but the irate little power ranger was not satisfied!



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9 responses to “Halloween Carnival

  1. Kelly

    Such a cute vampire! Funny about the fit and the Power Ranger.

  2. Kelli

    The cutest vampire I’ve ever seen! That power ranger better watch it or Morgan might sink his vampire teeth into the jugular!

  3. Kristin

    I hope Morgan kicked some kidergarten ass…that kid has got some nerve!

    Glad you guys had fun! Got your email about possibly headed to Austin in December…we HAVE to get together!

  4. La Belette Rouge

    You had me at the first sentence. Everything is more fun with cookies.

    No garlic necessary. As long as there are cookies I think everyone is safe from Morgan the vampire.

  5. Jess and Paul


  6. Jen

    Kristin–that’s us–kicking ass and taking names on the playground 🙂

  7. Ryan and Heather

    He’s so cute!!!!!
    That’s so funny that you say that Elia looks tall- she’s wearing a 3-6 month dress in that photo! HAHAHA!
    She is growing fast though and I’ve packed away most of the infant clothing and we’re onto toddler stuff (she’s 20 months old now!)

  8. Alyssa

    He looks SO cute!

  9. abc123vn


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