Six Months

An afternoon visiting Daddy at work
Getting some fresh air while carrying the pager

I cannot believe that this week is our six month anniversary of bringing the little guy into our lives. In a way it seems like an eternity and in others, like we blinked and half a year went by. Morgan is just such a part of us….we’ve become family.

Yes, there has been lots of adjustment for each of us….requiring tons of patience and some tears and temper tantrums–mostly mine–but hey, i am the emotional one!

He cracks me up from the car seat on the way to work by making kissy noises and singing along with my XM Radio. He’s gotten grown adults to sing row row row your boat a dozen times just to see him rock back and forth and clap his hands. He makes me WANT to wake up on Sunday morning to fix his blueberry pancakes before 8am….and he makes my heart ache when he smiles.

Some firsts: We’ve seen you walk, hug us, give great belly laughs, learned all of your ticklish spots, watched you sort shapes and put things away in every container you see, watched you imitate brushing your teeth–getting your ears checked at the Doctor’s office–and checking our blood pressure. We cheered you on when you kicked your first soccer ball and also when you “caught it” all by yourself. We’ve rocked you, held you, fed you, and have just been absorbed by having you as our son. Your favorite book is “Good Night Moon” and even though we have a great dog, you love CATS….that’s ok, though. It’s your choice if you want to be a cat person….really.

Love you, Mo Mo!



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3 responses to “Six Months

  1. Laura

    Oh my gosh, *I* can’t believe it’s been six months. Wow, time flies. I love all of your firsts. We miss so many, but as it turns out, we also get to be there for an infinite amount of firsts. Happy six months!

  2. Kelli

    Really? Six months already! Time really does fly. Can’t wait to read about the next 6 months! Love the new header on the blog!

  3. Jess and Paul

    Are you sure it has been six months (I know, of course you’re sure). WOW! I like the new blog look, very nice!

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