Grand Theft: Sleep

Single Asian Male, approximately 28.5″ tall and 18.5lbs for theft of sleep.
Suspect shows an apparant disregard for the tradition of “catching up” on slumber during daylight savings time and woke an entire household at 3:48am.
Suspect commenced to torture family by playing electronic lullabies on a “winnie the pooh” story book until his incoherant mother agreed to read “Pat the Bunny” at 6:00am.


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7 responses to “Grand Theft: Sleep

  1. Laura

    Oh no! Sounds like perhaps Matty and Morgan may have had a conspiracy b/c Matty pulled the 3:45 thing, too! Sleep? Who needs it!

  2. jjm

    We had a similar issue. Curse you, daylight saving time!!!!!!

  3. La Belette Rouge

    Hope the sandman comes for you all tonight.:-)

  4. Kelli

    Ugh- this daylight savings time thing has all my favorite blog kiddos off schedule. And really? It’s making me cry thinking about this time next year!

  5. Sue Ann

    Sounds familiar! Ya know, Spongebob Squarepants is not as funny at 4AM as it is at 4PM.

    Sue Ann

  6. lee

    oh boy…we had one of those nights too! but…a reward!
    in the form of an upper lateral incisor! wahoo!

    sweet dreams tonight little man!

  7. Jenna and Ed

    lol! we’re having the same problem! haha

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