Reasons Why

There are a million reasons why I love my husband:

He lets me sleep in and take naps on the weekends

He doesn’t complain when his wife, the dog, and his child fight for cuddle space when he’s watching television

He likes just about everything that I cook

He still insists I am beautiful–even after though I haven’t lost the 15 lbs that I gained while he was in Iraq

He always listens to me talk about my day–no matter how boring

He hurries home after a 24 hour shift to kiss our son before he goes to pre-school

He tells me that he loves me every single morning

He is an incurable romantic


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5 responses to “Reasons Why

  1. Laura

    Oh my goodness, how sweet. I’m not a mushy person…and this post made me smile! What a great guy. BTW, you don’t look like you gained 15 pounds. You look great. And your reason for gaining is a darn good one. Mine? Ahhh, so pathetic… 🙂

  2. Jess and Paul

    Awwww! What’s in the box???

  3. jjm

    Awwww! So sweet!

    I second Jess’ sentiment though… what’s IS in the box?

  4. James and Melissa

    What is in the box?

  5. lee

    i think i love him too.

    and seriously, what is in “the little blue box”…

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