Blue Boxes

Now I feel like a D-O-R-K.
My previous post was not a segway to brag about the box…but with 5 whole comments on what was in it, I cannot let my friends and readers dwell in suspense. Now that my face is red and I can see some flamers gearing up to tear me down a peg or two….

What’s in the box? A beautiful “Tiffany Celebration ring” to commemorate becoming a mom. Something I will treasure forever. I will spare you my sausage fingers…and just give you a picture of the bling.
Treats like these are definitely not a frequent occurrence…but oh how I love this man! He usually shows his love by allowing an “Anthropologie” purchase or two to slide by or by giving me “Aveda” gift cards when I least expect it. Another reason he is divine. He knows what women really want (Ridiculous frou frou clothes and shampoo!)
PS Laura–the 15 pounds were the direct result of nachos and margaritas during hubby’s 6 months in Iraq. Stubborn frijoles– are they hard to work off!! And if you cannot see my muffin top in the photos I post it’s because I am one careful editor đŸ™‚
Now serious stuff–has anyone else had trouble curing their kiddos chronic cough and chest congestion since coming home? Morgan has been gunked up on and off for months now and I wonder if anyone else was experiencing this??


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3 responses to “Blue Boxes

  1. Kelli

    I am just catching up on my blog reading. Wow- what a fantastic gift. Glad I didn’t have to wait in suspense to find out what was in the box! What a wonderful husband! Morgan has two terrific parents!

  2. Laura

    That is beautiful! I SO wanted to ask, but I was trying not to be my usual nosey self! Glad everyone else is just like me – super curious. What a nice surprise; it’s very meaningful. All I’m sayin’ about the 15 pounds is that the reason is totally legit and you look good! (Creative editing or not.)

    About the cough-congestion. Mattix had a really rattly occasional cough and was always sort of wheezing when he came home. For months – at least five or so. He still gets a little congested on and off when he is not sick. We were told that it was probably allergies as he adjusted to our climate. I’m not sure…Although he still has it, it’s far less frequent and not as bad. So maybe?

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