Enjoying a morning at the park with Nana and Grandpa
gotta have our blankie on the swings…still not sure we like them!

Hanging in the tree house with Dad

Helping with Recycling

Enjoying dinner out for a change!
Just some cute shots from the weekend–I haven’t taken as many as I would have liked–spending more time living than behind the camera!
We took Morgan to a Rodin sculpture exhibit this weekend–he was suitably impressed by the beauty of his first visit to a museum and behaved very well.
Unfortunately, we were late getting to the little guy’s lunch and he was not a happy man. He threw guacamole at the wall and had such a meltdown that the ladies at the table next to us were laughing about the tiny little guy with a hot temper!
Guess that you can say that he’s still throwing the tantrums on a regular basis…but his communication is getting better every day. Today I asked him a question and he said “no”. I could not believe my ears. Now, if we could only teach him “yes”.
This week he started saying “duck” for his cute battery operated chicken that sings the chicken dance. We just have to keep daddy from surgically removing that chicken’s ability to sing OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He’s using “Dat” for “that”


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  1. Laura

    Yay for progress!!! I totally hear ya on the “duck” song. A few of Matty’s toys are going to drive me into the loony house. Guac on the wall…WHY, MORGAN, WHY? Why waste such good food?! 🙂 I love him in the striped sweater – he looks adorable and stylish.

  2. Jess and Paul

    Jen, Phoebe so has that chicken too, LOL! It drives us crazy. What is really funny is that the batteries are almost dead so Mr. Chicken sounds like he’s having a bad trip…all slurring his words and singing in a super low voice! Kind of scary if you ask me, but Phoebe is obsessed with it.

    BTW, Morgan’s hair is getting long, it looks so cute!

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