Chuck the Chunk!

I’m stealing the title from Laurie’s post today 🙂

We’ve been talking about our a@*’s quite a bit in blogland this week…how having a kiddo at home saps the energy that we mama’s used to have for going to the gym and looking hot in our yoga pants….now, I am so lazy that walking to the mailbox gets me winded.

Motivation: I have a date and a babysitter for New Year’s Eve with hubby that I want to look smoking hot for. We will be at a resort in AZ and I cannot be outshined by a bunch of trophy wives on the dance floor.

Motivation 2: It’s either fit into the clothes that I have or buy more. Let’s face it, buying more in another size would make me cry harder than giving up nachos…and that is saying something, yo.

Motivation 3: Hubby is flirting with the idea of a Tahoe vacation with our child free friends this spring and I cannot be hanging with those beautiful unfettered friends without feeling like a MOOSE in my down jacket. I can’t be channeling some wacked out Bridget Jones karma in the hot pink ski pants.

Motivation 4: Did I mention that I will be 35 in 6 weeks???

So Wednesdays will be our official day to hash it out on Laurie’s blog. I’ve loved the comments so far! It’s going to be a great group effort!



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2 responses to “Chuck the Chunk!

  1. Laura

    We can do it! I love your reasons; they’re cracking me up. 🙂

  2. S.

    OK I have to get it in gear too…your reasons are hilarious!

    Where in Tahoe? My parents have a house in Truckee–we love Northstar. haha about Bridget Jones!

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