I’ve been tagged by Laura at our Valentine’s Day Treat to go into my fourth photo folder and post the 4th photo…when I saw that this opened my vacation folder I was scared…REAL SCARED.

Yup, that’s me on the left–pre baby–a size 4– and tipsy with the girls as usual. We were spending a long weekend in Washington DC with the guys from Jeremy’s internship year and their beautiful wives. See why I’m panicking about the ski trip? All of them 5 feet tall and a hundred pounds soaking wet….I’m starting to feel like SHREK.

Thank goodness no one asked for picture number 7–the metro ride home after dancing. Sloppy!

Ok–so who’s next??
I tag Jess, Kristin, and Jenn



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2 responses to “Tagged!

  1. La Belette Rouge

    Cute picture. But, I am stuck on the adorable picture of Morgan and Claire Bear. Cute!!!!

  2. Laura

    I knew you were going to have a really cute photo to post! Hmmm, maybe I’m going to create my own game and ask you for that 7th photo. 🙂

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