Holiday Highlights

Two spoons are better than one

Our one and only photo of Morgan in his “Dinner clothes”

Man….does the Tryptophan in turkey work that fast?

Cozy Spot!

Playing with Nana–by far his favorite activity of the weekend.
So we survived Turkey day…and I have an appointment to rejoin my gym tomorrow. I feel a wee bit stuffed on pumpkin pie. Problem is, our 2 gyms in town are sub-par at best and mine recently went through one of those changes where they take away all of the cool amenities and leave you with a bunch of sweaty 19 year olds that are trolling for romance. UGH.
In other big news, I joined F*acebook. I guess it was time. I was the last of my friends to make the leap. Maybe I’m old…but isn’t this why I blog? The whole concept of that website is to give you an even more condensed version of communicating! Like we don’t talk–so we email–then we texted–and now we F*acebook. Are we all that busy???



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6 responses to “Holiday Highlights

  1. Kristin

    I haven’t joined Facebook, yet…let me know how it goes for you. I’m not sure I see the point, like you, but I’m willing to be persuaded. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great holiday – especially the little guy. He was sacked out – on a tile floor! Now that is TIRED!

  2. Jess and Paul

    I have been getting a lot of peer pressure to do the facebook thing too. I tried myspace for like a week and said that’s enough! And the other things is…do I WANT all these people from my past to find me?! Hmmm….

    Anyway, I’d like to hear what you think about it and if its worth doing.

  3. Laura

    SOOO cute! Matty has the same green jammies, but it’s still too darn hot for him to wear them. Um, yeah, I’m with Morgan – two spoons ARE better than one, as evidenced by my ever expanding a$$. And about the FB – I’m one of the last holdouts on earth. Please, do something to convince me, because everyone makes fun of me. I just can’t find the value, so help. Good luck with the gym. I’m sorry you don’t have a “spa” like we now have. 🙂

  4. La Belette Rouge

    I am still a Facebook hold out. I am not sure why it scares me.

    The “exhaustion” picture was fantastic.

  5. Alyssa

    I also joined FB thanks to peer pressure. It’s not that bad. I’ve re-connected with a lot of people. I haven’t gotten the fake: “We should totally get together one of these days.” Which is what I really didn’t want to deal with. It’s pretty much a place to see what old friends are up to and look at their pictures. Some people are totally into it. I am not. I check in once in a while and that’s about it.

    I LOVE the pics of Morgan in the trash basket. Too cute! What a little muffin to be able to fit in there. I’ll have to try that with Zach 🙂 He’ll fit too!

  6. abc123vn

    I so love facebook to get my friends to my blog – the link is there, they all know it and use it. Trust me I have more hits from facbook than many other places. And Morgan is so cute!

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