Major Crush

I can no longer deny it: I “heart” Edward from the “Twilight” book series.

At first, it was a mild flirtation. I read the book on a flight home from New York and didn’t concentrate very well with Morgan yowling from his carseat. I thought it was cheesy and certainly not the “new Harry Potter” that everyone was raving about.

Then, I talked Jeremy into seeing the movie with me last week.

Sigh. Isn’t Edward the cutest?

Mock me if you will for loving teen romance written by a sadistic author who lets over 2100 pages and three books go by with nothing more than some chaste kissing….I mean, really?!?

Now, it’s more of an addiction. I’ve volunteered to accompany all of my friends who haven’t seen the movie…just to see it another “few” times.

I am now reading book four “breaking dawn” and I hear that my boy is getting married…


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2 responses to “Major Crush

  1. Melissa

    Hee..another Edward addict here. You can see by the last post on my blog 🙂

  2. Emily

    no, he is MINE already:)
    seriously, after reading those four books and having his image in my head. i am in love!:)

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