Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree…

Notice the lack of photos??

We put the Christmas tree up yesterday in our typical Griswold fashion and no camera involved…

Let me set the scene, I popped awake at 3am on Sunday morning and could not fall back asleep. Morgan woke up at6am…right as I was drifting off. Jeremy made it home from the hospital around 8:30am after a night in the operating room…and everyone was cranky.

We tried to whip up the mood, going out to brunch and squabbling like the Simpson’s in the car while Morgan howled about the indignity of wearing a jacket in his car seat. Our little one then threw chunks of home fries at passing diners from his high chair because he only wanted avocado for breakfast. joy.

We finished brunch at 10:00 and drove with a screaming child to the nursery for our tree. Morgan went into full on little boy mode splashing in all of the puddles on the ground and dancing to the Christmas music that was piped in over a loud speaker. So cute! Meanwhile, Jeremy and I debated on the size of the tree we had purchased the year before. 6 foot? 7 foot? 8 foot? 9 foot??
For some reason our memory was blank and the trees were looking short….we ended up in the 8-9 foot section and chose a beautiful Noble Fir.

Now, the fun part…we had forgotten the tree stand and Jeremy had a total brain fart speaking to the lady at the nursery. He kept looking at me when she was asking HIM–do you want to put the tree stand on yourself? Do you want a fresh cut on the tree? Do you speak ENGLISH???

Like the supportive wife I can be, I snapped “Hello! She’s speaking to YOU” and gave him a little twirl by his elbow so that he faced the voice…all the while keeping an eye on the little guy who had spotted a planter of roses…he does like to pick flowers…

Finally, Jeremy mumbled something about a Giants game and what time the nursery closed. Ah Ha! So that is why he can’t speak coherently…he has a FOOTBALL GAME starting in 10 minutes.

So we left without a tree and made it home in time for kick-off. SIGH. Inside, I was screaming–you promised me mimosas, Christmas music, DECORATING…

Later that day, Jeremy came back to the house with our now apparently BEHEMOTH tree perched precariously on top of the Jeep. Had we really said 9 freaking feet?? A neighbor had to help him get it off the roof of the SUV and he danced and swayed with it while wrestling the beast into the courtyard in front of our house. This baby wasn’t going in without a fight.

It took almost 2 hours to make way for the tree.

We had to rearrange the living room twice. We broke the leg off of my brand new wing back chair (remember the ones that I waited 6 months for custom upholstery??). Jeremy had to stop for snack breaks. We cracked open the champagne to try again to lighten the mood. Chihuahuas and children danced in our midst–barely escaping being obliterated by our MONSTER TREE.

But finally, it was there…in front of the window and looking beautiful. Enormous, but beautiful. The scent of fresh Christmas tree was in the air and we had the Bare Naked Ladies Christmas CD going. Little Morgan was twirling in circles and burbling to “Jingle Bells”. Ah…. Christmas.

I gave Jeremy a kiss and we decorated. We used our indoor lights and our outdoor lights. This puppy is huge!

Pictures to follow.
PS–don’t ask about the broken chair that is now sitting in our bedroom.



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3 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. lee

    what a great griswald story!
    i cannot wait to see pics after all of that! 😀

  2. abc123vn

    Wow – now I know why we do the pre-lit tree that I have to puff and puff but at least it comes in pieces but it is 9 and one half foot tall! Good luck with the rest of the decorating and can we see the finished product. Also, sorry about the casualty of the tree.

  3. jjm

    Dude. 9ft?!? OMG! Sorry about the chair!

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