Eighteen Months Update

Our little peanut will be 18 months old next week! He was 29″ tall today and 19lbs at the Doctor’s office. Unfortunately, we are still not on the growth chart…but trending nicely on our own curve. We are discussing whether or not we should have his growth hormone tested…but I honestly think it’s just Morgan’s genetics to be small.

He also got 5 shots today–as you can see by the sad little band aids. I am off to dose more Motrin and give kisses and hugs!

My little one is finally asleep and I have some time to talk about the milestones he has achieved:
Morgan loves to help around the house. He now wants to wipe down his high chair after meals, put his dishes into the dishwasher, and loves to throw things away and recycle. He has even overcome the baby proofing on the recycle bin cabinet to do so–but seems to respect the boundaries on other cabinets. It’s so cute!
He’s cutting three teeth right now, which will give him a total of 10.
Morgan is slowly starting to speak, saying “Uh Oh, baby, night night, this, shoes, and mine. It’s still garbled, but I made a list of 18 words that he is trying to use.
He is a charmer–he gives kisses freely now, and loves to hear us read and sing. His favorite book right now is “The Wheels on the Bus” and he can listen to it a million times. It is a very large and colorful book suitable for the classroom and he likes to put his Fisher Price Little People toys on the bus to pretend that they are going to the birthday party at the end of the book. His favorite lullaby is still Frere Jaques and if you sing anything else he will shake his head “NO” and smile at you until you sing the song he wants to hear.
Morgan is so much fun right now! It is amazing to see his personality develop. I love that I have more time with him now that I am spending more time at home.


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5 responses to “Eighteen Months Update

  1. Kelli

    Yikes- both legs. Happy 18th months little guy!

  2. Jenn

    he is quite the lil peanut. sorry to hear about the shots today. 😦 no fun at all.

    p.s. Happy New year!!

  3. lee

    ick. we just had 4 yesterday.
    not fun! kisses from zoebug

  4. Alyssa

    I think Zach was just 20 pounds at 18 months and 31 inches, maybe? I can’t remember for sure but I also think it is just their genes. They are built to be little men and there is nothing wrong with that! Zach has always been 2% for weight and 10% for height. I have yet to meet another 23 month old who is as little as Zach, except for our friends who have kids from Vietnam. I guess if he ever falls off his own curve, we would consider getting his growth hormones tested. But I hate having his blood drawn for no reason. So sad!

    Morgan is looking quite cute, even if he did just get shots.

  5. Kristin

    I can’t wait to be a recipient of one of those kisses this week! 🙂

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