Morgan feeds Lilly a Cheerio at Starbucks
Morgan and his Papa–Marble Falls

You can see Morgan’s hair a bit better in these…I was so terrified that we would get the little boy chili bowl hair cut, but I think my little sister did a great job!
Things are getting better around the house, Morgan has slept through the night twice in a row! I on the other hand, am getting the crud. My head fills like an overblown balloon and I’m popping tylenol like tic tacs. Jeremy and I are both off this weekend so I definitely do not want to be sick.
Next week should be my last “regular week” at work before I go to contract hours. I am so looking forward to more time with my kiddo! And more time to cook….more time to go to the gym…and of course time to color the scary greys in my hair.
I had a wonderful dinner out last night with my friend LeAnne–we went to one of the few Swank restaurants in our area and got some grown up time….we both needed it desperately. She’s moving soon, her husband is also military and his commitment is up. I’m going to miss you girl!



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2 responses to “Sweetness

  1. Kelli

    Aw, I love the pic of Morgan and Lilly. So sweet!

  2. Kristin

    I love that picture, too! They are definitely going to be BFFs…

    Sorry I’m so late commenting…pretty much been unable to get online for 2 weeks now. Ughhh…

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