An old photo, but always one of my favorites–Morgan sports the morning hair better than anyone I know 🙂
A miracle has occured in our house! Morgan has never been an easy guy to put to sleep and over the past week he has surprised us 3 times by letting us know that he would like to go to bed. We keep his pillow in the living room during the day for snuggle time and nap time and lately he has brought us the pillow and told us “night night” around 7pm.
Last night, I didn’t get the message promptly enough and he drug the pillow down the hall to the office where Jeremy was on the computer and let him know that it was time to go to bed. No books, no routine….just “let’s go”


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3 responses to “Sleep.

  1. lee

    awesome, isn’t it?!!!

  2. James and Melissa

    That’s great!!

  3. Kristin

    Heaven!! Lilly just signs sleep for us when she’s ready – unless it’s 8 o’clock. Then she doesn’t get a choice. Enjoy this new found sleepiness!!

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