High Fructose Help

It is easy to be overwhelmed with how much HFCS there is in the foods we regularly consume.
Most of us have a hard time just making it to the grocery store, let alone finding the time to read every single label.

As I’ve written before, the most common foods with HFCS are salad dressings, ketchup, yogurt, and sweetened drinks.

There are two brands of salad dressings that I really like that don’t contain HFCS: Newman’s Own brand–which was created by Paul Newman and donates a lot of the proceeds to charity can be found in most grocery stores and tastes great. He also makes pasta sauces that do not contain HFCS–we enjoy the Sockarooni flavor–spicy and delicious!

The other is Annie’s Naturals–which can often be found in major grocery stores or health food stores.

For yogurt, the Stonyfield Farms Organics are the only flavored ones I have found without HFCS. It is also very easy to make your own flavored yogurt. I buy the quart size plain yogurt (any brand) and sweeten it with my choice of sweetener and then add vanilla extract and/or fruit.

The only drinks we have in our house are water, milk, and diet drinks. If you are opposed to aspartame and saccharin sweetened drinks I recommend sticking to water, milk, and 100% juices to avoid HFCS.

I would love to hear about your favorite HFCS free products or any recipes for items that replace foods that are high in them. After I am done with work I am hoping to make my own ketchup that is HFCS free as well as most of my salad dressings. Look forward to hearing from you!



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5 responses to “High Fructose Help

  1. Nicki

    Oooh, that’s a helpful list. We don’t really eat much of that stuff except yogurt and we are out so that’s a good time to buy more carefully. I have started buying kefir for morning protein drinks for my kids and that’s def. HFCS-free. Also we use Ken’s Steakhouse dressing and at least the one we have in house right now doesn’t have HFCS. I’m really going to pay attention to this stuff now. I’m resolved.

  2. Nicki

    Oh and I meant to say if you live in the south, you can get Coke without HFCS! It tastes a lot different with real sugar in it!

  3. Jess and Paul

    What? You can get coke in the south made with sugar??? No fair! I want some!

    Anyway, Dannon All Natural yogurt with fruit in it is HFCS free. Also Yo-Baby organic yogurt.

    As for salad dressing, I either make my own or use Balsalmic Vinegar. OR you could try my childhood favorite…Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing also HFCS free.

    Don’t forget about Ketchup…they usually have HFCS in them unless they are organic. My fav is Trader Joe’s, yum!

    Another great post, Jen. You know I hate this stuff!!!

  4. Nicki

    Ok I’m reporting back after my first big grocery outing. I figured out you can get Hidden Valley Ranch organic which has no HFCS. And the Yoplait Kids yogurts (dora and diego) have no HFCS! Woohoo!

    And to Jess and Paul – yep, Mexico still bottles their coke with real sugar instead of HFCS! We can get it in glass bottles at the regular grocer here in Texas but it costs more!

    Thanks for inspiring this change!

  5. Laura

    I’m a HFCS nazi. For yogurt, Cascade Farms, which is sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and similar stores, is HFCS free, as is Safeway’s O brand (I think that’s what it’s called, although that sounds sorta nasty, huh?). I don’t buy any yogurt that has sugar or HFCS and so far, these are the only two brands I’ve found. I love Annie’s salad dressing and one other. I can’t remember, but I’ll check and let you know b/c Target sells the brand and every flavor is SO good!

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