"Caca" means "Cracker"

Totally greasy with lotion to combat dry winter weather
Although we have not had a language “explosion” Morgan’s new word is “Caca” which he uses to demand crackers. Our guy is never satisfied with just one–there must be a cracker for each hand and one should NEVER EVER attempt to halve a cracker for this purpose. It only leads to tantrums.


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4 responses to “"Caca" means "Cracker"

  1. Emily

    dont you love it when they say new words? caca is too cute.
    i know all about the tantrums:)

  2. Laura

    Ohhh, I love caca! that’s so cute. Mattix was all oiled up like that for all of last winter. EVERYTHING In my house was covered with grease. Like instant furniture polish, but gross.

  3. Kelli

    caca- so cute! Aiden is always a little grease ball these days. I am so ready for some warm, humid weather!

  4. Doug Chiarello

    Tinsae does the same thing if you try to outsmart him by breaking something in half to give him two pieces.

    And Jeremy actually used to say Caca also anytime he wanted honey mustard pretzels in college.

    Like father like son.

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