The baby is sleeping (finally).

We are having a weird week for sleep. The little guy has been waking several times per night and calling out “Mama!”. He settles down after I go in and pat his back for a while…but I cannot help but wonder if he’s testing me. I keep telling him that I will always be there when he needs me and it seems to help…

Funny thing: The kid has been a bottomless pit when it comes to food lately. I hope this means we are having a growth spurt in the near future. In addition to his beloved “Cacas” he chowed down on a plate of roast turkey, sweet potatoes, beets (BEETS!) and some tortilla crusted tilapia from Mom’s plate tonight. I have no idea how this guy still weighs 20 lbs.

J called earlier and asked if I would like to go to Denver for four days in April.
Melissa–if you are reading this and want to get together–let me know!



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3 responses to “Shhh…

  1. lee

    we are feelin some of that too.
    but ours is called “awholelottateethatonce”…
    at least they are in there!
    good luck + get to sleep little man!

  2. Kelli

    Yay for sleep! We have had a very weird week as well. I just wish he was eating better- darn those teeth!

  3. Alyssa

    Zach eats out of control amounts of food and I’m pretty sure he still weighs about 22 pounds. It’s those genes! I’m jealous!

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