Exciting Stuff!

An old picture, but one of my favorites and definitely worth posting again!

I found out this week that there is a local group for parents of internationally adopted children. Huzzah! I was beginning to think that there were very few of us around these parts… I am very excited to meet everyone this weekend for a play date at a local park. There is also a rumor that another little guy from Vietnam belongs to the group.

Also, I went out to dinner with a girlfriend last night while Jeremy stayed at home with Morgan. This morning I asked him if he had a good time with his daddy and he nodded solemnly and said “Yes”. Not exactly earth shattering news for most…but I was so excited that we had a little conversation!



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3 responses to “Exciting Stuff!

  1. jjm

    Hooray for conversation, however limited!!

  2. Anonymous

    Good job Morgan, he is so smart!! Nana

  3. James and Melissa

    If you guys come to Denver we would love to meet up with you guys!! 🙂

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