Here we are on our last day of skiing–note that Jeremy is keeping me from sliding backwards down the mountain! I am still getting the hang of skiing. Fortunately, I had a great lesson the day we were at Sierra and I can now make cool little turns to slow myself down….way better than plunging headfirst towards the bottom of the mountain unable to stop myself! YAY Ski instructor Mike!

As I mentioned before, Morgan was not so keen on our trip. I think we single handedly slowed our friends reproductive plans by 5-10 years per couple. He cried all night, screamed bloody murder whenever Jeremy and I walked away from his sight…and generally made Manny Patrick miserable. That said, Jeremy’s little brother could not wait to hop a plane FAR FAR away from us when the week was over. Poor guy!

I will blame it all on a molar that made an appearance that week…and thank my lucky stars that I was at a beautiful spa on that day. Bad Bad Mommy!

Not that many ski pics to share. I look like the stay puffed marshmallow woman in my ski clothes! Not attractive at all.



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  1. James and Melissa

    That’s great that you learned how to turn! Go you! 🙂

  2. abc123vn

    I wondered how the Manny did – poor guy.

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