Sunday Fun

Morgan enjoys the entire loaf of french bread

Demonstrating skills (don’t worry, no wine was wasted!)

Enjoying the day with Daddy
Yesterday we packed up the kiddo and a picnic basket and visited a local winery (La Vina) in New Mexico for a day of wine tasting and basking in the sunshine.
Morgan got VIP treatment in the tasting room–the beautiful young lady there gave him kisses and fed him crackers while Mom and Dad sampled some fine New Mexico wine.
We then headed out to the gorgeous outdoor picnic area and spread a blanket out to enjoy a picnic of triple cream Dubliner Cheese, proscuitto, homemade basil pine nut pesto, and some fresh fruit. Morgan had a juice box and some bread and cheese. Yum!
I love that we had such a great weekend doing very simple and inexpensive activities together as a family. Morgan really loved the picnic so we will have to do that again very soon! Claire was awfully jealous that she wasn’t allowed at the winery…so maybe next weekend we will have the picnic at home in the back yard…..



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3 responses to “Sunday Fun

  1. stollmyheart

    Looks awesome! I want to be there!

  2. Kristin

    You and Dana are killing me with all your relaxing and fun activities…so jealous!!

    I’ve got to try the SAHM thing…work is just such a time suck. Like today, for instance. Beautiful weather, perfect conditions for an afternoon at the park, but Mommy had to go to work. BOO!!!

    Hope you guys are doing well!!! We miss you!!

  3. abc123vn

    Wow I wish I could have lived your weekend…it sounds wonderful! And the pictures are great!

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