Some Changes!

Sorry we’ve been quiet–we’ve started to take away the bottle this week 😦

I felt like it was time–Morgan has about 15 teeth now and I’d like to keep them as healthy as possible. We’ve had great success with his new electric Pokeman toothbrush…and our little guy is growing up.

Which is not to say that this week has been easy! He asks for his beloved “Bah Bah” constantly. Even though I know that no child has ever starved while kicking the bottle…as a mom it’s heartbreaking to see my little one go without the milk that he really wants. He’s had fewer wet diapers…some constipation…and it’s been tense for Jeremy and I as we wait it out.

As parents, we just have to stay patient and keep consoling him. We spend more time cuddling at night and wake up earlier to console and comfort him and encourage him to use his sippy when he wakes up. He’s hungrier for solids–which means that we are fixing little meals and snacks every 1-2 hours this week. Yesterday he came home from school at 3pm and ate 2 cuties, a cup of black berries (all sources of fluid) then 1 cup of cheeze its, another cutie, and then dinner. all by 6 pm. Not sure where he puts it!

We also decided to change pre-schools for the fall. We had initially signed him up for a local montessori program that I was in love with until I met his teacher about a month ago. I knew going in that the program would be bilingual and I found it to be a plus for the area that we live in. But, when I went to the teacher/parent interview I was greeted by a very snooty woman who spoke Spanish through a translator that informed me that she only spoke Spanish and that her Assistant (who she underlined was not the teacher or in charge of the class) was only allowed to speak English if nothing else worked for the child. I understood that to mean that it was a Spanish Immersion program (which I believed did not happen until the 3 year old class and was an option).

I had been mulling over some different options and yesterday I went to a neighborhood coffee at a friend’s house and met 5 ladies who had knowledge of the program who told me that children who were not Mexican were treated like second class citizens in the program–receiving little encouragement and even less verbal direction from the teachers. That stunned me. It also brought back some of the incidents that I had pushed aside during the process–the coldness of the receptionist who took my calls…and the seeming reluctance to allow my child to attend the school. Now I wonder if they were really so busy or if they just didn’t want us to attend?

I recalled the classroom that I had observed and remember now that there was only one white child and one Asian child in a room full of hispanic children. I cannot imagine how I didn’t put this together before!

So, I went to another preschool yesterday to observe and meet the faculty. The children were from all ethnicities and the diversity made me feel more comfortable. The teachers were patient and kind and the director and staff were friendly and open. The director even gave me a CDC website on choosing daycares and a website that logged the complaints from facilities in our area to help me in our search. I had spent a lot of time over the past month speaking to various parents with children in different schools and felt like I had a lot more to go on at this point.

Our criteria–in no particular order

Resources: books, materials, play area equipment
Education/credentials of staff
Quality of meals–nutrition
PreK/Kinder program (we are leaving the area after Morgan finishes Kinder and would like the option of letting him stay at one school if we feel he needs it)

* I should also say that I deliberately rejected the private pre-school that is very status conscious in our area. I want Morgan to grow and develop around regular kids rather than very privileged ones so that he maintains some sense of reality as a child. He will be fortunate to have many advantages that Jeremy and I did not have growing up and it is important to us that he does not become overly materialistic and entitled. The pre-school had an excellent reputation in a country club atmosphere but I wanted something different for Morgan.


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  1. Nicki

    You know, I’ve heard very similar things about local spanish preschools. So sad! Glad you got the dish before it was too late and Morgan got the shaft!! Finding the ideal place for each child is so so hard.

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