We had such a wonderful time–I cannot say enough about how “kid friendly” the city of Denver was! The zoo was enormous–we spent an entire day there, compared to an hour at the one in El Paso. Morgan loved all of the animals and imitating the sounds that they make. His favorites are still the tigers and lions. We had lunch at the zoo cafe and took a train ride. The train ride was the only rip off because for $5 per adult ticket we rode for about 3-5 minutes around a little circle. The train did not go around the entire zoo and you didn’t see anything but a few geese on the trip. Boo. Morgan was too small for the carousel, but that didn’t bother me because he was terrified when we tried to ride one in New Mexico. It could have been the carnie in coveralls manning the ride who kept wagging his eyebrows at him and saying “fun fun!”

The Children’s Museum of Denver was another treat. They have toddler days on Wednesdays with story time and craft projects. We missed the opportunity to decorate a pet rock because we got there late after spending the morning with Laurie and the kiddos from Pho for Five. It was worth it!
We met Laurie and her little ones at a coffee shop that was filled with designated play areas for our kids. It was so much fun! I am sad that I didn’t get a photo of them all together, but with 4 babies going in 4 different directions it would have been a feat. Laurie is amazing–she handles all three of the little ones with ease. Jackson is so clever! He chatted alot and was so friendly! Shane and Finley are the cutest 🙂 I think Jeremy had a bit of a thing for little Finley and her adorable grin. He held her for most of the time we were there.
Jeremy’s little sister, Maggie, has lived in Denver for about 5 years now. We had a fantastic dinner our first night out at her restaurant, Bistro Vendome. The staff was amazing! If you are ever in the area and love classic French Bistro food, check it out! Maggie bought a delicious bottle of French Champagne to celebrate our visit and Morgan chowed down on the best Mac and Cheese ever.
We also met James and Melissa from Journey for Two for dinner one night. They are such a cute couple and we laughed all through dinner. It’s so neat to meet after talking for months online. You feel like you know one another…but it always feels a bit like a blind date meeting for the first time. Jeremy laughed so hard at me fussing with my outfit and hair.
Our evenings were a lot of fun–Jeremy had bought tickets to a Denver Nuggets game and it was such fast action and our seats were great! Of course, I missed most of the first half of the game people watching with all of the players wives and athletes who had courtside tickets. SIGH. The shoes/handbags/and hair were to die for! We also checked out the Blue Sky Lounge at half time to see and be seen (ha ha!)
Maggie took us to a Vodka bar called Red Square that served infused Vodka’s one night–the most interesting was a garlic infused creation with a pickle chaser. I have never done a shot in my life without wanting to vomit…but these were very tasty.
I was sad that we only had 4 days to visit. Maybe next time we go we can see more of the downtown shops and hit the aquarium and butterfly garden. So much to see!

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  1. Kelli

    SOunds like a great trip! We were hoping to go to Denver this summer but it looks like it will be next summer….

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