Mr. Opinionated

Little Mr. Opinionated insisted on using the spreader from his peanut butter to eat with last night. He kept saying “poon” meaning “spoon” while holding his own spoon so it took some asking to figure out that he wanted the spreader that I had used to prepare his english muffin with peanut butter.
He also refused to eat the English muffin–telling me to put the peanut butter on his plate where he proceeded to eat it with the spreader and dipping into it with his broccoli. Last night was a very random meal as Jeremy was working late and I had a pork loin in the oven that Morgan would have refused anyway!

We are still pushing high calories–smart balance on the broccoli and peanut butter provide heart healthy monounsatured fats and some Omega 3’s.

Belated Easter Pic–He calls his bunny a baby since he’s so tiny.
We are definitely approaching two! Mr. Opinionated will not hold hands on the way to the mailbox nor will he hold my hand on the way into daycare. He wags his finger at me and says “No No” to just about everything.
His new food obsession is baby bel cheese. He refuses to eat the sliced kind without pitching a royal fit. Once he has the baby bel, he cannot open it…but refuses to let you help until he tries for several minutes and makes these little frustrated squeaks. Once you take the wrapper off he follows up with a fresh rant that he does not want you to remove or disturb the wax coating in any way. After tasting the wax that he cannot peel off…he will hand it back and agree to some “hep” (help).
🙂 Two is gonna be fun!



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4 responses to “Mr. Opinionated

  1. Laurie

    Love the pics from your trip out here. So fun meeting you guys, just wish Trav could’ve been there too! Next time.
    Sounds like you guys are in for some fun with Morgan turning 2!

  2. James and Melissa

    Morgan is definitely at that age but he is so cute! 🙂

  3. abc123vn

    So this is what I have to look forward to — not fun not fun at all.

  4. Laura

    Oh yeah, he is definitely almost two! Love the attitude. It really works in his favor that he is so darn cute!

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