It’s been a busy week!

Jeremy and I celebrated our fourth anniversary yesterday–very low key as we did not have a baby sitter! We made spaghetti at home and picked out a KING SIZE bed for our room which will be delivered at the end of the week. HOOORAY! No more getting shoved off of the bed when Morgan joins us at dawn each day to kick and wiggle all of the space away from this two exhausted parents.

We are also working on the yard. You cannot tell from the photo here–but we have desert landscaping to preserve water and NO grass. I finally wore Jeremy down and we have replaced one section of rock with grass in the backyard. Like a small child pleading for a puppy I have agreed to water said grass twice per day for 3 weeks and twice a week after that. With all the rock and concrete we have poured into the yard — I will actually have to go out and turn the sprinklers on rather than let the irrigation system do its job. It will be worth it to have my child be familiar with grass!

Also our computer crashed and I have a tech coming out tomorrow so hopefully I will be restored to full power. I am working today, so I was able to get a post in.

My mom is coming next week–I am so excited to see her! And so excited that she’s going to baby sit so that Jeremy and I can go out for dinner. His work schedule has been unreal and we haven’t had a day to ourselves in weeks.

Big Welcome home to Laura and her baby Molley! It’s a beautiful thing to see her photo with Mattix on one arm and Molley on the other. It makes me sad that some people have been less than kind to her about the family’s decision to build a diverse family. Laura–you are loving and brave! Don’t listen to the haters 🙂



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3 responses to “WHEEE

  1. Laura

    Happy Anniversary! That’s a great photo. A king bed? I don’t even know what we’d do with all that space. 🙂 We sleep on one half of our double. Isn’t that weird? Everyone always thinks Ed and I are freaks! I love your backyard – it’s very pretty. I’d insist on grass, too. Desert shmesert. We have a section of grass, too. Kids need it. Thanks for the welcome home and the encouragement. Everything’s gonna be just fine – I’m just emotionally fragile and sleep deprived right now. xoxo

  2. Kelli

    Man, a king size bed sounds heavenly. Sometimes my queen isn’t big enough for me and my wiggle worm who tosses and turns all night when he sleeps with me. Happy anniversary!

  3. Laurie

    NO WAY…is that really the view from your house?! WOW. That is absolutely breath taking!

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