MY PC is possessed

I hate my PC.

I just tried to reinstall Vista from my “digital locker” which is a diseased and worthless piece of crap. It made me change my password twice…would not let me in on either password…and when I hit the “contact us” icon….well all hell broke loose and my computer screen started flashing random error messages and I had to shut the entire thing down.

At some point I might actually blog…..perhaps from a new MAC?? Only if my very fiscally responsible hubby can be persuaded to give up the quest to resuscitate this miserable PC.



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3 responses to “MY PC is possessed

  1. Jenn

    p.s. MAC’s rock! You won’t be disappointed if you go that way. Plus it rated no. 1 in consumer reports!!

  2. lee

    mac attack. do it.
    i have a few tips for a deal…

  3. Jen

    I LOVE MY MAC!!!!!

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