A Year

I swear I haven’t taken a decent picture in 2 years…but I love the last photo of my little guy with hair. He is clutching two of his new prized possessions–his “Car Cars” from his Nana.
It has been a year since our little man changed our lives. Now, I wake up at 7am on Sunday whether I want to or not…and a hot date with Jeremy is usually over by 10pm at the latest when we are lucky enough to have a baby sitter.
Still, the biggest difference has been the happiness that Morgan has brought into my life. I guess that I don’t have to tell many of you that I still struggle today with losing our first baby. Having Morgan took much of that pain away and gives me something to look forward to each day. Hearing his little voice calling “Mama” in the wee hours of the morning over the baby monitor still makes me smile.
He makes me a better person–more patient, more loving. He makes me look at my husband through new eyes. Jeremy is a wonderful father! I love to see the two of them laughing and playing together and I tear up over how much Morgan looks up to his daddy.
I cannot put into words this child’s quirky and adorable sense of humor. I crack up when he dances to music that is inside of his head alone–we humor him when he wants to listen to techno at the dinner table and Bee Bop from his high chair. The wonder in his eyes brings something new to my own–just experiencing the world vicariously through a two year old’s perception is worth the entire experience.
What can I say? He loves me. He loves it when I sing to him–even though I have a terrible voice. He gets excited when I cut his peanut butter sandwiches into funny shapes–who wouldn’t? And he lets me be mommy….something I have waited so long for.
It’s been a wonderful year 🙂



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6 responses to “A Year

  1. Laura

    Congratulations on one year as a family, Jen! Your words are sincere and true. You’re a great mama to Morgan and it’s obvious how much he has enriched your lives. I hope the next year is even better!

    BTW, YOU haven’t taken a good photo in two years?! Humph. Please, girl. You haven’t seen anything! You look great.

  2. Laurie

    Aww, you made me tear up. That was so beautiful Jen. Btw, your yard in the previous picture is so gorgeous!!

  3. Kelli

    Congrats on one year as a family! What a beautiful post to document such an important day!

  4. Kristi C.

    I love this post, Jen – it really hit home with me in so many ways. You three are a beautiful family – love you all!

  5. Emily

    i adore this picture of the two of you. this past year has just flown. beautiful post.

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