Sweet boy!

We had been having some crazy sleep issues lately–cannot remember if I have mentioned that Morgan had a week of night terrors where he would kick, punch, and fight me every morning as we made the transition from his bed to ours. Morgan has always joined us in our bed at about 5am and spent another hour or two sleeping before getting up for the day. Not sure when or if we will ever change this habit. I am just going to wait for him to start sleeping through the morning on his own. Typically, it’s a time that I really enoy…but I cannot tell you how much it hurt my feelings to be kicked full on in the chest by a raving toddler. Jeremy and I have had to turn on the lights, remind him that he is safe, and rub his tummy to get him back to sleep. It’s sort of scary when you cannot reach them during the terrors–we just keep speaking to him and waiting for him to snap out of it. I starting crying a few times because a lot of his anger seemed to be directed at me and he was happier when Jeremy would hold him. He never hit or kicked his daddy. He would scream “No” at me when I tried to hold him and kick with all of his might.
Morgan knew that his behavior was hurting. He would sit next to me when it was over and make kissy noises until I would tell him that I loved him and that it would be ok.
But, it finally seems to be over! He is now more cuddly than ever–preferring to sleep on my pillow with me rather than in the huge space in the middle of the new king size bed. I should have known!
He also wants to sing the words from his favorite book–Snuggle Puppy–at 5am. It’s hilarious that he taps me and says “Ooooooohhhh” waiting for me to pick up the lyrics. We sing it a few times with him whispering “More” after each verse. We end with “ooooohhhh, I love you!”
I hate it when we go through a rough patch, but it seems like Morgan is even more loving than before. He is choosing a lot of bedtime stories with the theme of “I love you” such as “I love you Through and Through, Daddy Hugs, and his beloved Snuggle Puppy” and he is showing delight when we say that we will love him no matter what.
His vocabulary seems to be growing again. He says “bye bye Claire” on the way to the mail box, is starting to say “please” when asking for snacks, and is showing his independence by going to the cupboard and picking out his own snacks. His favorites are string cheese, blackberries, bananas, and gold fish crackers.
We chose to continue the night time bottle a bit longer because of Morgan’s low body weight. He is 31″ tall and only 20 lbs. He briefly lost down to 19 again when we stopped the bottle so we added the night time feed back. He takes 9-10 oz of whole milk at that time but refuses to drink milk from a cup at any other time. We’ve had to supplement with cheese and yogurt for calcium and fat. Also, since he refuses most meat we thought the milk was valuable right now for protein as well.
In more happy news, Morgan’s Nana Ellen is coming on Monday! I am so excited for her visit! She is going to be amazed by how much her little guy has grown and changed 🙂


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2 responses to “Sweet boy!

  1. Laura

    First of all, you look AMAZING in that photo.

    Second, night terrors are hell. I’m so sorry. Matty doesn’t have night terrors anymore, but he does occasionally wake up from naps all sorts of flipped out. Sometimes it takes me an hour to calm him. It’s been happening more often now, and I assume it’s due to the changes (being left for two weeks!)(new baby sister stealing his attention!). I hate it. It makes me feel so helpless and crappy. HATE IT. I’m glad the morning thing seems to have passed for you and hope it stays that way.

    Third, the bottles? Pffff. Please, girl, My dentist, who has two adopted girls, gave me this little tidbit: baby teeth can be fixed, but emotional hurts and physical needs are far more significant. Meaning, just go with the bottles if you need them. Matty still won’t take milk out of a sippy. Only a bottle. We’re down to one bottle per day during nap time (and one water bottle at bed time, but I don’t count that), and I don’t care. He’s not too small, I don’t think – 33″ and 25 lbs – but he wants it, so he gets it. I’ll deal with the teeth later if I have to. My two cents.

    Let us know how things go!

  2. Kelli

    I hope the sleep gets better. Aiden only had night terrors when we were in Vietnam- they are awful.

    I think Laura gave some great advice on the bottle- I am going to remember that myself!

    Love the picture of you are your sweet boy. Happy mother’s day!

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