Happy Mother’s Day

Thanks to my sweet friend Cheryl for taking a family photo to celebrate my second mother’s day. Jeremy had made reservations for brunch at a local restaurant and I almost broke into tears when I forgot my camera! Fortunately, I was able to bring the whole family over to my friend’s house to get a picture.

Last year, we were still in Hanoi and celebrated with the amazing Chocolate High Tea at the Hanoi Sofitel Hotel. (Click Here –for my first mother’s day post)

I hope all of my wonderful blogging buddies enjoy Mother’s Day! Love you!



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8 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Anonymous

    You guys are beautiful, Happy Mothers Day!!!

  2. Kelli

    Wonderful picture! Happy Mother’s day!

  3. ourgoldenchild

    Happy Mother’s Day, Jen!!! You guys look great!

  4. Laura

    Happy Mother’s Day, Jen! You look incredible and your family is perfect.

  5. Carl and Stephanie

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Doug Chiarello

    Beautiful family! I hope all 3 of you had a special Mothers’ Day.

    Say hi to Nana Ellen for me.

  7. Kristin

    Such a beautiful picture! Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!

  8. dmbdreamgirl08

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! It sounds like you did. You guys look like such a happy family!

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