Toddler Travel Tips

Keeping Busy
The Travel Stroller (June 2008)

We’re home after a wonderful weekend in Dallas! I am so glad that my friends Aubla, Jocie, and Liana could meet up and hang out with us! It was great to have a girls weekend and I am very grateful that my mom made the trip to baby sit for me Saturday night. I enjoyed visiting a few Dallas hot spots with my ever so chic friends–Highland Park is a far cry from El Paso! Thank you Thank you Ladies!!
I made the trip solo with my nearly 2 year old and wanted to post on some of the items that made my trip so much easier!
The Travel Stroller–still indispensible after a year–this handy item which is available on Sky Mall and Stroller Depot converts from an airline approved car seat into a stroller with wheels that deploy from the bottom. It also comes with a sun-shade that is easily packed into your carry-on luggage. It makes lugging said toddler, luggage, a stroller, and a car seat doable even while traveling with one parent! Whoo Hoo!
A “busy kit” to occupy the little man in the air and while visiting friends and relatives. For our trip I picked up a few items from the Targ*et dollar aisles that kept Morgan happy and entertained during the hour long flight. I bought a pencil case and filled it with cut pieces of construction paper to fit the case–5 crayons, a package of stickers, and a small squishy toy that kept him busy smooshing and squeezing for quite a while.
Morgan loves stickers–and they peel easily off of any airline tray tables! A package of balloons works great for rewards and impromptu play. They are so cheap and you can always stuff a few in your diaper bag! I also love Crayola’s Color Wonder line of markers and coloring books for a no muss no fuss activity. That way you won’t have to apologize for your child marking up a friend’s sofa or coffee table 🙂
A portable DVD player is great for longer trips, as well as some small books that fit into your carry on. I brought some little Dr. Seuss books that I picked up at Hobby lobby and Morgan loved the rhymes and animal sounds. To make a book last longer–we read it straight through the first time, and then go page by page talking about the animals, people, and colors. I ask him to hunt for a specific thing on the page and then to tell me how it sounds or what color it is.
I bring my own sippy cups, plastic utensils, and small snacks in zip lock bags. Never underestimate the joy that a prepackaged snack brings! Morgan loves the container just as much if not more than the food. He enjoyed his airline pretzels and even tried to steal a few from the passenger seated next to us.
I download kids music on my Ipod and let him listen–there are great tunes available on I*tunes for 99 cents each.
Always bring your own milk on the flight–most airlines do not stock it in their beverage carts. Powdered milk could work in a pinch with cold water to mix in. Most varieties are fat free so I would recommend powdered formula if your child is under 2 years old.
Finally–make sure you have any “security items” like your child’s blankie or a favorite stuffed animal. Forgetting them is very stressful!
We will be on a longer flight in a few weeks when we head to the Jersey Shore. I am planning to bring a little Play**school garage that folds down to reduce space and an inflatable beach ball. J’s mom is bringing the sand toys.
PS–you can prepare all you want…but you still need a sense of humor. On the trip home I ducked into an airport restroom to change the little guy and realized after I had gotten the diaper off that I was in a men’s room! Ahem….
I would love to hear your thoughts on keeping the kiddos entertained!
Happy Summer Travels!


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2 responses to “Toddler Travel Tips

  1. Laurie

    Oh, I just drug 'em. KIDDING. Can't believe you ducked into a men's room!! THAT is awesome.

  2. Kelli

    Thanks for the tips- I need to remember to come back here as we get ready for our trip to Florida. Aiden is a lot more mobile since we flew in February!

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