Funny Stuff

I would have a picture of this–but our @#$#$# stupid camera batteries went dead at the moment that I tried to capture a shot of Morgan putting two of his stuffed animals out on the lawn to go “Potty”.

He left his tiger and his bear on the grass and told me “poo poo”.
He then wiped the animals’ hineys and congratulated them on a job well done!

Morgan has become quite the nurturing parent to his stuffed animals. He feeds them snacks and tucks each one in under their very own blankie while he pats their backs and whispers “shhhh….” if mommy is disturbing their nap time.



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3 responses to “Funny Stuff

  1. Michelle L

    That is hilarious!! What a little cutie pie, and smart too.

  2. James and Melissa

    Oh how cute!! You'll have to catch him again and get some pictures.

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